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The Corona Monologues


The Corona Monologues was the first ever production of our then-unofficial theatre company. The play was written in response to the unpredictable steps the government was taking to tackle the pandemic situation and the inevitable human impact of such actions.
After ceaseless composing, compiling, and cutting, the final draft consisted of a selection of nine monologues. Although the script presented an eclectic set of characters, the themes of isolation, solitude, uncertainty, and the quintessential human ability to adapt permeated through every scene. The initial audience responses were exactly what pushed us towards solidifying Sady 10.

Creative Team
Written by: Collins, Garamoni, Maku, Prokeš, Svobodová & Vosátková
Directed by: Maku
Photography: Martin Večeřa

Death and the Maiden


A play set in a living room, will resonate most from a living room. And thus, the unwitting audience of Ariel Dorfman’s Death and the Maiden found itself sitting in the living room of Paulina Salas and Gerardo Escobar.
The Chilean drama, dealing with the uneasy themes of justice, innocence, and the lengthy process of healing from historical trauma, utilised the entirety of the apartment space - namely the kitchen, living room, hallway and bathroom. A very special thanks belongs to the team of Šimoník Architekti. Their gorgeous interior masterfully juxtaposed flawless aesthetics with the theme of deep-rooted systemic and human flaws. 

Our production of Death and the Maiden was presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd.

Creative Team
Written / Directed By: Ariel Dorfman / Maku
Interior Design: Šimoník architekti
Photography: Martin Večeřa
Poster Design: Dan Collins

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